Appalachian Trail 2013!!

Northbound from 300 lbs to Katahdin! Starting in March. The Big Hiker!

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Workouts lately. I haven’t been updating.

I’m still working out. Here is what I’ve been doing. 

4/4/13-I took the day off from Power 90. I played some dance central and played a lot of guitar. I went for a little walk. 

Friday, 4/5/13, #Power90 Sweat 1-2, complete workout, my most aggressive power yoga to that date, with half abs

Sat 4/6/13, Power 90 Scult 1-2, lots of guitar playing and a walk around town.

Sunday I took off. I was tired. I felt great though and later on in the day I really wanted to get some exercise. 

Monday 4/8/13 Power 90 Sweat full program and did power yoga harder still, half abs.

Tuesday, today 4/9/13 Power 90 Scult, full program. I went after my lunges more than I have in the past. It hurt my knees a little bit, so I had to be careful. I’m continually amazed right now at my recovery time. Before I would exercise and it would take me out for the rest of the day, or I would need a nap. Now it’s about 15 minutes later and I’m good to go, full of energy. I’m fully functional right after my workouts. 

Overall my plan is to keep doing Power 90 phase 1-2 until the first or second week of May. It just depends on how I feel. Then I’m to move up to Power 90 phase 3-4 until the end of June. After that I’m going to up to Power 90 Master series, which is phase 5-6 I guess. At least that’s what it says. I’ll do that for at least a month, then eventually move onto P90x this fall. 

I’m going to do a lot of bike riding as well, and weekend hikes. Paula, my wife, keeps talking about how great Bikram yoga is. I plan to start that next winter along with cardio  work. I have vision all the way through next year, which will either be another attempt at the AT, or probably in Vermont, The Long Trail. 

I’m only going to say which Power 90 program I’m using when I change. 

Lastly it’s important to point out what’s made this possible thus far. I started doing almost daily visualization work a few weeks ago and it’s completely changed my perspective, attitude and life. As I continue to work toward and through things I will do more and more visualization work. :)

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Workouts since Saturday

Saturday March 30, 1 hour of soccer drills and some sprints… I tried my best, felt great!

Sunday March 31, half hour of soccer drills and sprints… I was sore from the prior day but was great to be out there!

Monday April 1, 40 minutes of Dance Central. 1/3 of Power 90 1-2 Sculpt. I wanted to do more but ran out of time. 

Tuesday 35 minutes of Dance Central 3 and 2/3 of Power 90 1-2 Sweat. 1/2 of abs

Today, Power 90 1-2 sculpt, complete workout.

The great thing about this is that I exercised twice on Monday and Tuesday. That’s really what I want to do as much as possible. Today I’m pretty tired. My body feels rather worn out, so I’ll monitor how I feel tomorrow. I should be able to start doing the full P90 Sweat 1-2 workout tomorrow and half the abs. I’m a looooooooong way from doing the whole TH100 ab routine with 100 ab exercises, but I’ll get there. 

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Workout Mar 27, 2013

#Power90 Sweat 1-2. I am just starting out again and did 2/3 of the program plus half the abs. I feel good and my back won’t go out either. Allergies are killing me as per usual this time of year. 

Last year my allergies didn’t bother me for the entire season after a 10 day juice fast. Next year I think I’ll fast rather than suffer through this again. :) After I’m fitter I’m thinking of doing a 4 day liquid fast. 

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Physical Therapy

I’m not sure anyone is going to read this anymore. :) I started PT on Thursday. Fuck my IT bands hurt. I found the damn exercise on the floor humiliating. My upper body strength is not what I thought it was. I suppose this is good information, but doing it in front of people wasn’t my favorite thing. I learned this. Fitness and accomplishment aren’t about pride. I get my pride in other ways now. I get my pride from how I feel about what I’ve done. It’s a good thing. 

I’ll keep going to PT as long as I need to. I look forward to exercising now, getting a job and moving onto the next chapter in my life. The trail will be there next year and so will I. However I can’t quite shake the feeling a door is closing, like this was my chance and I couldn’t take it.